Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you. (via thedailypozitive)
Mom and I watching “The Sixties” on CNN

Times sure have changed.


When you run out of feelings to feel.

Annapolis Rock, MD



I couldn’t help myself. I like bears

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@budsandbeers cookies and phantom GSC 🔥 by tko_organics

Talk about a manicure! Owww

Bakerton? Nahh

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Just a thanks.

My parents have made such a well prepared adult. They didn’t hold my hand and they didn’t sugar coat anything. They have influenced me with great music and incredible food.
I’ve experienced more through my adolescent years than many adult experience in their life time.
They have given me a safe haven to escape to whenever I feel and a place to call home for years and years to come.
Growing up I always thought they were crazy and dysfunctional, when I finally realized they are a few from the masses that actually had the “life” thing figured out.
I’m still figure out my life but I’m glad I had two role models and a whole dynamic family to look up to.


Lets hang.

Cause we don’t need no cocaine. All we need is good sensi to rule our brains, only one thing sets us free, frees our pain, talking bout the herbs.
Slightly Stoopid

Someone just spammed me using my picture and my name. Fuckery


Ancient Stone Bridge, Rize, Turkey

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One big troll under there